We Are Experts On A Mission.

Advanced Outsource Solutions Inc. offers highly competitive speed-to-market abilities so you can get your product to market faster. We operate with a competitive corporate structure and a management team of specialized experts that operate with compassion. Our employees follow strict SOP’s/GMP’sTM to ensure quality work and safety in every project; and our robust warehouse management system houses lot code traceability and can recall products in a matter of seconds. Our core mission is to offer opportunities to people that may have experienced employment blocks in the past. These include, but are not limited to, wounded warriors, military veterans, and those that have been at a disadvantage with a strong desire to create a positive career history. We harness their drive to improve and rebuild their life to a success.

Advanced Outsource Solutions Inc. provides contract packaging services while providing a path to a brighter future for those who seek it.

Packing and assembling high volumes of consumer packaged goods on time and on budget is our specialty.

Seasonality, aggressive promotion, and market strategies can cause demand spikes in the supply chain that strain your company’s resources to deliver on time. Hiring temporary employees to tackle a labor intensive packaging project can get expensive extremely quick. That’s not even counting the additional unemployment and benefits pay for projects lasting longer than 3 months. Factor in the cost of the additional space needed to accomplish the project and it becomes that much harder to maintain a healthy bottom line. Account for managing the project and its challenges and you have a clear picture of how easy this situation can go wrong. Failure in a project like this not only means lost resources but leaving money on the table by not meeting customer demand on time. Advanced Outsource Solutions, Inc. strives for 99.9% inventory accuracy in every project.  We know how much your inventory is worth and ensure everything is received accurately and in a timely manner.


Advanced Outsource Solutions Inc. solves your labor and resource management issues in a socially responsible way.

Our custom services give your company the flexibility to outsource your packaging and delivery needs. Our expert staff, state-of-the-art storage and operating facilities, and labor force give you a reliable partner that will keep your business focused on what it does best while meeting your customer demand for products.

Focused on Innovation and Cost Savings

The traditional way contract packaging companies operate is to take a customer’s instructions for a project and send an invoice. Advanced Outsource Solutions Inc. is disrupting this old way of thinking by using our industry knowledge. We look for cost saving ideas to help you get the most value out of each and every campaign.  Our experienced team offers suggestions to streamline productivity and reduce costs even before your project launches.

Assembly Line

Your Success Helps Those In Need

Advanced Outsource Solutions Inc. and its staff feel that it is crucial that we lift each member of our society by giving them an opportunity. Our founder’s background in business building, social services, and philanthropy drives his determination to fill gaps that prevent driven people from becoming self-sufficient and productive members of society. We believe in pay-it-forward at Advanced Outsource Solutions Inc. We hire with a social mission because we know that we can provide training and resources to make a lasting change in people’s’ lives while helping your company meets its demands in the consumer marketplace.

Seasoned Management from Major Consumer Packaged Goods Companies

The leadership team at Advanced Outsource Solutions Inc. is comprised of individuals who have worked for major consumer packaged goods companies. Averaging 15 years of experience each, our team members pride themselves on a “do whatever it takes to get the job done right and on time” culture!